Meet Fresh 4 Paws

Organic Dog Food Made Fresh

fresh4paws ingredientsWith over 10 years in Veterinarian Private Practice experience Dr Erica Jewell brings her real-world expertise to help in the ever-changing dog food and treat dietary needs. Dr. Jewell is a 2002 graduate of Mount Union College with a BS in Biology and a received a Masters Degree from Duquesne University in 2004.

She went onto attend University of Illinois School of Veterinarian Medicine and received her DVM in 2008. She started in practice at North Memorial Vet Hospital in New Castle, PA in the summer of 2008 before relocating to Erie, PA and joining Glenwood Pet Hospital. At Glenwood, Dr. Jewell sees both small animal cats and dogs and helps her partners at the Erie Zoo when needed.

Fresh4paws dogsHer partner and husband Jonathan is a 2001 graduate of Mount Union College with a BA in Communications and minor in Sports Management. After working in the broadcasting field for 7 years, Jonathan switched careers and got into the medical field first selling Orthopedic implants before moving to his current job of over 6 years employed by Organogenesis Inc selling living cellular based tissue to patients in need.

Jonathan and Erica have been married for over 15 years and have 3 wonderful kids and 3 energetic dogs. We enjoy working out, running, playing all kinds of activities with our kids and attending sporting events whenever our schedules allow. Fresh 4 Paws LLC is locally owned and operated in Erie, PA and we very much appreciate your business.